goh - boston's power duo
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other guest members of goh

alex robinson

  • sometimes plays bass live with goh in california
  • bass on "i lost my senses"
  • recorded bass on "rectanglo", the album that we sent to friends
  • bass on "valentine's day"
  • bass on "imaginary love affair"
  • bass on "miscalculated"
  • bass on "wimp farm"

mike dublin

mike stark

  • sometimes plays bass live with goh in boston and nyc
  • a co-founder of hop-jam
  • bass on "satellite"
  • bass, electric guitar on "spy"
  • bass on "sugar"
  • bass, vocals on "darwin"
  • bass on "autograph"
  • bass on "coffee cup"
  • bass, theremin on "chopping block" #2
  • bass, backing vocals on "gi joe" #2
  • bass on "pet's pet"
  • bass on "cute"
  • was gene simmons when goh played as kiss. check out this picture.

steve breman

  • bass on "mannequin"
  • bass on "a reminder"
  • bass on "metric song"
  • bass on "i don't know"
  • played some random boston gigs with goh
  • part of the hop-jam family
  • was the man who couldn't tie his shoe in our first film

ed lyons

  • electric guitar on "miscalculated"
  • electric guitar on "a reminder"
  • electric guitar on "wimp farm"
  • lead guitar on "sleepless"
  • lead guitar on "free will"
  • lead guitar on "road trip"

tom bianchi

  • bass on "wimp farm"
  • bass on "wonderful world"
  • bass on "wimp farm"

dana hagenbuch

  • vocals, meowing on "metric song"
  • vocals on "who's to blame"
  • vocals on "imaginary love affair"
  • vocals, keyboard on "wonderful world"

hilary haynes

  • played bass with us live at the fillmore
  • was the man who shouted theresa in our first film

kristin harris

ethan daniel davidson

  • bass on "free will"
  • bass on "sleepless"
  • played bass at a goh show at the kendall

brian hagenbuch

  • beer on "gi joe"
  • vocals on "darwin"
  • helped write "spy" with jay
  • vocals on "imaginary love affair"
  • vocals on "road trip"
  • vocals on "metric song"
  • has been to the most shows other than chris and jay
  • knows all the lyrics to "alice's restaraunt"

eric o'connor

  • vocals on "imaginary love affair"
  • vocals on "miscalculated"
  • vocals on "killing me"
  • vocals on "darwin"
  • founder of "the rock options" with chris and jay

ken budka

frank germano

gordon hill

meghan searl

catherine harris

geoff neri

dano kildsig

  • played bass with goh live in san francisco

sarah symons

tom patrie


steven hagenbuch

colin duggan

alex castner

mercy james

bob ashmen

jeanette ragnarsson

darko luksic

paul salvi

walter salvi

david miner