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want to experience the goh shaker on your iPhone? download the free app! or scrape up a buck and download the paid app.

our paid app in itunes
our free app in itunes
our paid app in the browser
our free app in the browser

these apps use the iPhone (or iPad or iTouch)'s accelerometer to allow you to shake various goh percussion instruments, including our home-made shakers. tapping the screen will also trigger sounds. now you can shake along with goh (or any other music).

our paid app includes the following instruments.... basket shaker, cabasa, cowbell, egg shaker, finger cymbals, goh shaker, jingle bells, maraca, sand blocks, tambourine, triangle, vibra-slap, wood block and wood stick. the free app just includes the goh shaker.

hold your device carefully... we are not responsible if you drop it. please don't drop it.

note: these apps do not use in-app purchases.