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frequently asked questions.

q. what's the difference between the shaker lite and the shaker app? a. the shaker lite is our free app that just has the goh shaker. the shaker app has more instruments for you to play and costs a buck.

q. how do you use the shaker app? a. you shake it and make sounds! you can also touch the screen to trigger the sounds... kids sometimes like that. parents may like that too... less likely to have your phone thrown across the room. the sounds have different properties to make them more similar to the actual instruments, so some sounds make noise when you go forward and back, others are just merely triggers, and others have sounds that play when they're moved slightly too.

q. why won't my application launch? a. well, we don't know. it could be that your device doesn't somehow recognize you paid for the app... so you can delete the program from your device and re-install it. to delete the app, tap and hold your finger on the icon until they all wiggle. hit the "X", confirm it and the app has been deleted. You can re-install from iTunes or go back to the app store to download it again. Note that you will not be charged for re-downloading an application you already purchased.

q. why is the application crashing? a. it could be related to the memory being used up. try to power down and restart your device first... that's a good first step to figure out if it's a system problem, or if it's something related to the application.

q. what version of iOS does this run on? a. the code doesn't use too much in terms of new functionality, so it ought to work on older iOS's, but officially, iOS 3.1.3 or greater.

if you need to get in touch with us, fill out the form on our contact page.