how does goh make a shaker?

starring a can, some rice, some beans and some duct tape... featuring some snippets from "gi joe".

actual instructions:

  1. gather up your shaker ingredients
    • a can (soup, tuna, or something otherwise)
    • some duct tape... preferably colorful
    • a goh sticker
    • some rice
    • some dried peas, or lima beans, or something similar
  2. clean the can, remove the label, and remove any jagged edges from the lid
  3. fill it up with rice and beans (1-2 cm deep). you'll get the feel for the right amount as you practice. in general, there's more rice than beans.
  4. make an "x" with duct tape on the lid
  5. fasten the lid to the top of the can
  6. tape around the side of the can. this is for looks, so make it look good. feel free to use multiple colors of duct tape and/or make stripes.
  7. slap a goh sticker on the can
  8. shake, rattle and roll