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glossary of terms

ambidextrousity, n. the state of being able to use both hands equally well.

antifolk, adj. in the late eighties a musical movement described as antifolk began as a rebellion against west village folk scene in new york city. the movement found a home in an illegal after-hours club run by lach, at the fort. when police closed the fort in 1989, it moved a few blocks north to sophie's (now the sidewalk cafe), where bob dylan made a brief yet fabled appearance. antifolk has grown from a small cadre of believers into a worldwide movement that is sited as an inspiration to such acts as beck, ani difranco, king missile, michelle shocked, hammel on trial and hundreds more.

fat albert!, adj. cooler than cool. "fat albert! that's cool"

folked, v. 1. to be violently yet smoothly shaken and moved. 2. to be "rocked" acoustically. "man, we folked that place."

hopkinton jam, n. 1. an annual musical event organized by the founders of goh long before there was goh. 2. an excuse to play. 3. an easy first gig back in 1990 when goh's former band was still learning to play and couldn't get a "real" gig. 4. fun for the whole family. 5. a way of life.

jogger weird, adj. weirder than weird, but a certain kind of weird. a little bit off. unknowingly inappropriate at times. similar to having an incorrect sense of personal space. running clothing could be involved. most people only have moments when they're this type of weird. but some people are simply jogger weird. "man, that guy is jogger weird"

moon time, n. a measurement of time slower than earth time. playing a song in moon time means playing r e a l l y  s l o w: "man, you played that song in moon time."

think-ling, n. the electronic device chris uses to come up with all of our goh trivia questions. it fits in his pocket and was found at toys 'r us. sometimes it gets weird and only gives answers without the questions.

wimp farm, n. 1. a place where wimps are born. the origins of this expression come from jay's uncle talking about his mother's side of the family. this isn't said to be mean, but good natured... though it isn't said to be nice. 2. a song about germs.