goh - boston's power duo
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recent quotes

"overall, goh is like reading the comics in "the new yorker." you either get it and think it's great and hilarious, or you just scratch your head and are left feeling a little confused. either way, you need to check them out and give them a try."

  • debra au, new mexico daily lobo

  • "words like "quirky", "off-beat" and "eccentric" come to mind"

  • brian mosher, askew reviews

  • "honestly one of the better songs I've heard on garageband.com."

  • afterglow (ontario, canada), garageband.com

  • "the songs are worth their weight in new york super fudge chunk"

  • sam hurwitt, east bay express

  • "quirky pop, sweet and fun. i loved it. i also really liked the punk undertones... excellent stuff."

  • grinagog (ontario, canada), garageband.com

  • "goh's bright, upbeat, irresistably quirky pop is more than welcome 'round these parts."

  • sam hurwitt, east bay express

  • "erie sounding upbeat tune! you will dig this one!"

  • MP3.com talking about "chopping block"

  • "goh wowed the crowd with their quirky lyrics and upbeat music, a master of the stripped down, minimalist set."

  • sam j. volerricki, the noise

  • "punk, rock, country, pop - goh does it all!"

  • boston.com

  • "they really sound entertaining - you can tell they're having fun... it's funny stuff."

  • l.a. joe, soundcheck magazine

  • "their sound just puts you in a good mood. i listened to the disc all the time and couldn't get enough."

  • brian clark, askew reviews

  • "though nearly all goh tunes are quirky and somewhat novel, "chopping block" is the most TMBG in its, "wipeout"-paced repetitive madness."

  • matthew s. robinson, the noise

  • "you guys don't suck! - really."

  • passerby in harvard square

  • "if you want something out-of-the-ordinary but a great deal of fun, you should check out goh."

  • robin sandberg, the point

  • "the duo of jay hagenbuch and chris harris have a refreshing albeit quirky approach to songwriting... lots of fun."

  • douglas sloan, metronome magazine

  • "goh tries to connect with every person in the audience, not only through the music and lyrics, but also through their encouragement and conversation... the excitement they feel about performing is completely evident, and it radiates into the audience. "

  • jessica bennett, the northeastern news

  • "goh creates a universe of strange sounds, sardonic lyrics, and loopy fun. their songs feature bright harmonies, a sound that invites comparisons to the well-known duo, they might be giants.."

  • dave wildman, the boston globe

  • "goh has spunk. they bring life to our room every time they play. after a night of clapping and shaking to their catchy tunes, i watch people leave with a smile, a pez dispenser, and a feeling of belonging to the goh family."

  • leanne scott, kendall cafe's booking agent and host of open mic

  • "songs like "g.i. joe", "chopping block", and "satellite" are so catchy that days later, i still found myself singing along."

  • kier byrnes, what's up

  • "you guys are a sight for sore eyes... i've seen many street performers come and go. i hope you'll stay..."

  • melanie, passerby outside at harvard square