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live reviews from mama kin

taken from "what's up" magazine

by kier byrnes

another highlight last month at mama kin was "goh", a nontraditional, two-man, acoustic rock band. jay hagenbuch, guitar, and chris harris, drums (though he also plays trumpet and harmonica and other assorted noise makers in addition to his time keeping duties), delivered an amazing set. what really impressed me about this band was not just their great repertoire with the audience or the tight vocal harmonies for that matter, but their overall songwriting ability. songs like "g.i. joe", "chopping block", and "satellite" are so catchy that days later, i still found myself singing along. i was told they're in the process of recording a new album that will feature some of the songs performed at mama kin. meanwhile, however, goh headlines regularly at the kendall cafe, so "goh" check them out.