goh - boston's power duo
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l.a. joe

would that be goh like rhymes with row or goh that rhymes with raw or uh... right so it's a duo. yup two of 'em. one guy sings and plays bass and guitar, the other guy sings and plays drums, percussion, trumpet, and harmonica. they stir up quite a puddin' for two fellers. third song's got lots of speed. it's called "chopping block" and it's as zippy as can be. they really sound entertaining - you can tell they're having fun. catch 'em around some of the local pubs and such and laugh for me. no really - it's funny stuff. "i'm on the thirteenth floor - although it's number fourteen - another broken elevator - another counting scheme". couple lyrics for you from "lucky" - one of their better ones. [puddin'?]