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goh's "chopping block" reaches #1 on mp3.com

cambridge, massachusetts.

following the successful on-line release of "gi joe" over the summer, goh's follow up, "chopping block" has received even more attention. due to it's overwhelming response from the internet community, it gained the attention of the people at mp3.com and is now both the featured song and the #1 downloaded song in the alternative folk-punk category.

"the web has been nothing but positive for us" says vocalist/guitarist, jay hagenbuch. "we have found fans in places as far away as texas, chicago, florida, ireland, denmark, spain and germany."

"mp3's and mp3.com have given our band and other independent bands exposure not possible just a few years ago" echoes chris harris vocalist/drummer for the band. "the mp3s are free for anyone to download and sound as good as the cd. the increased exposure we've received with mp3's has broadened our fan base and helped to boost our cd sales."

goh's mp3s can be found at www.mp3.com/goh and their home page at www.goh.org. They can be seen live at venues in the northeast.

or come by and see goh play live in harvard square.

about goh

goh is a power duo playing a cornucopia of acoustic, punk, country, pop music. their energetic live show is a powerhouse of vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar and drums. on their first studio recording, "matt", goh adds additional instrumentation such as electric guitars, bass, harmonica, and trumpet to fill in the sound while capturing the energy of their live show. they have been playing in clubs, coffee houses, and the city streets of the boston and new york city area since 1997. they are currently in the studio recording another album.

about mp3.com

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