goh - boston's power duo
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delusions of adequacy - weekly reviews of mp3 songs

jeff marsh

goh is only a duo, but their songs have enough instrumentation added in the studio to fill them out sufficiently, making for a very full, kind of power-pop sound. apparently, their style ranges from power-pop to rock to country to a little of everything else. let's just say that goh wholeheartedly embraces the description "quirky."

you'll get that sense right away from the vocals, which fall somewhere between they might be giants and major matt mason USA. But the song itself more resembles early flaming lips - you know, back when they sang about jelly.

with a light, playful structure, chock full of "do-do-do-do"s and similar accompaniments, "just one thing" is definitely playful. it's not the best produced song in the world, but with a nice mix of noisy guitars and a strong rhythm, the song is undoubtedly catchy and fun. they even lay on the rock heavy at times, putting a more power sound into the power-pop.

fun stuff, although i'd have to hear more from goh to know if they deserve to be taken seriously. still, on the basis of this one song alone, they're worth checking out. fans of quirky pop with a guitar-driven sound should definitely check them out.