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review of "wimp farm"

brian mosher

words like "quirky", "off-beat" and "eccentric" come to mind, as do comparisons to they might be giants. but i think goh could best be described as throwbacks to the coffee house folk music of the 1960s: minimalist instrumentation along with simple melodies and lyrics that run from the humorous to the absurd, always with a singer/songwriter's sort of observational point of view. the vocals are pleasantly unprofessional, and the production is crisp and clean. particular favorites are "mannequin', in which the singer dresses up his wooden lady in his old concert t-shirts so she looks like a rock'n'roll girl; and "metric song" in which he tells us that it's time we got angry and dumped the stupid English system we use for weights and measures the same way we dumped all that tea into boston harbor back in ’73 (that’s 1773, by the way). i gather from their website that they are originally from the boston area, but that they relocated to san francisco for awhile, but have now returned to boston . I think. but that doesn’t really matter. the CD is fun and definitely different from pretty much anything else out there at the moment. that is what matters.