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review of "wimp farm"

debra au

goh seems to be all over the place.

don't agree? never heard of them? well, let's do the math. two guys - chris harris and jay hagenbuch - are based out of san francisco and boston and play nine instruments collectively. that sounds like a lot of music over a lot of frequent flyer miles if you ask me.

they have a folky, lounge-lizard sound, but don't hold that against them. it's actually catchier with their wacky yet smart lyrics and hodgepodge of musical instrument sounds. i swear i heard a moose caller, a kazoo and a xylophone - all in the same song, "a reminder."

goh's latest album, wimp farm, isn't all that long, but it's one of the most fun-filled 40 minutes you can spend. sure, you could spend such an amount of time doing the dishes - note to the roommates - or walking a pet, but if you were to do said activities while listening to wimp farm, it would make the time "goh" much faster - come on, you should have seen that pun coming.

they're like a modern day simon and garfunkel, with calm, laid-back tunes that appeal to most anybody wishing to listen to two guys sing about love, loss and road trips. let's hope they don't decide to break up anytime soon, like the former.

however, what is really interesting about the members of this self-proclaimed "power duo" is that they have faith in their listeners. their entire discography is available for free (and legal) as a shareware download on their web site. so download away. share with family and friends with a clear conscience that you won't come under an FBI investigation. it's even compatible with itunes.

but hey, goh doesn't make music and tour pubs and bars across the country for its health. future international rock stars need to pay the bills too. that's why goh asks all downloaders to make a donation anywhere between $2 and $15 - or more if you really like it. i don't think anyone will complain. in thanks, the band will even send you a CD complete with the cartoon scarecrow artwork and all. it's an honor-code thing. like when you finish a toilet paper roll, you should replace it with another roll - another note to roommates. if you like goh, pay for the album, and then the group will have enough money to continue making music. it's a simple and logical process, really.

overall, goh is like reading the comics in "the new yorker." you either get it and think it's great and hilarious, or you just scratch your head and are left feeling a little confused. either way, you need to check them out and give them a try.