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1997 blog

kendall cafe: december 21st, 1997 cambridge, ma

we played after our new friend denise hradecky that quiet, almost christmas night. unlike us, denise has a beautiful voice and if you haven't seen her play already, we highly recommend it. after denise's intimate set, we played mellow versions of stickshifts, chopping block, lucky, it's finally over, sleepless, gi joe, coffee cup, she put the ex into x-mas, imaginary love affair and he dances. thanks to brian and eric who joined us up on stage for a few tunes after our set.

kendall cafe holiday party: december 17th, 1997 cambridge, ma

we unleashed our new, hot off the press (i.e. unrehearsed) christmas carol she put the ex into x-mas and our old favorite, lucky. there were performances by many of the other kendall regulars that night. thank you kendall cafe (eric, mike, leanne, debbie, mike, amy, winterboy, etc..) for another great year! did we mention that the kendall is our favorite bar in boston?

kendall cafe: december 14th, 1997 cambridge, ma

other performers included david poe, sheep dip, kier byrnes (from 3 day threshold), and shane mclaughlin (of naked through utah) and friends. thanks to chris' parents for having him and showing up at this gig. we played stickshifts, sleepless, chopping block, i skipped that class, gi joe, it's finally over, ac/country/dc, i don't know, coffee cup, imaginary love affair, and lucky.

cantab: december 8th, 1997 cambridge, ma

goh played a couple of slots after the headliner, alexis shepard and her band. the crowd was having a lot of fun with us, helping convince geoff to let us play a third tune. we were psyched to play with such a friendly crowd of musicians that night. we played gi joe, chopping block and lucky.

kendall cafe: december 3rd, 1997 cambridge, ma

goh had a very rare early night... we were done by 9:00. we met a new friend, denise hradecky, that night who was playing out for the very first time. we played blue eyes crying in the rain and chopping block.

kendall cafe: november 14th, 1997 cambridge, ma

a night with goh and a lot of snow. as usual, we played last. before us was joe panzetta, two for the blues, and willie bernstein. despite the season's first little snow storm, there was a pretty good turnout... which was great for us. they were thinking of shutting down the bar early in anticipation of a thin crowd. this was goh's first "real" show and we had a blast. congratulations to all that won official goh ice scrapers, and thanks to everyone for shaking up the place with us! we learned that throwing shakers into the crowd might not be the best idea. not everyone catches like an outfielder or pays attention to flying objects while drinking. we should HAND out shakers. we played stickshifts and safety belts (by cake), mr. wrong (by cracker), g i joe, sleepless, it's finally over, ac/country/dc (by ac/dc), i don't know, chopping block, thoughts unsaid, imaginary love affair, and lucky.

kendall cafe: october 15th, 1997 cambridge, ma

this was the show without chris' voice. hi kim and dan. we played mr. wrong and gi joe

cantab: october 6th, 1997 cambridge, ma

we seem to always get one of the last slots of the night. beggers certainly can't be choosers. as it turned out, we got to play 3 songs, as well as being invited up to play with the headlining band (tiffany parks and crew) before everyone went home for the night. we played it's finally over, mr. wrong (by cracker), and imaginary love affair as part of our set. later on, we did blue eyes crying in the rain (by willie nelson), stickshifts and safetybelts (by cake), the walkabout without lyrics (by the chilli peppers), a michael mcdonald song, superfreak (by rick james) (yes, we really did that song), and finally our own song, lucky. it seems as though the late night crowd tends to have the most fun (but gets the least amount of sleep).

happy hour with goh at the four courts in dedham, ma: october 2nd, 1997

alethea got us a gig as a going away present, so, of course, we played for her. how many going away parties can a person have? we won't complain, we got to play and had fun hanging out with some of our new (and old) friends again. we played mr. wrong (by cracker), i don't know, it's finally over, sleepless, imaginary love affair, stickshifts and safety belts (by cake), he dances, wrong, g i joe, ac/country/dc (by ac/dc), blue eyes crying in the rain (by willie nelson), lucky, and don't go(h) (by the hothouse flowers).

alethea's going away party in brookline, ma: september 28th

goodbye to one of our first fans who is now one of our friends. if you don't come back to visit, we're going over to ireland to find out why. we pretty much played for about an hour (or two?). it was a lot of fun, despite the fact that chris was feeling ill. as it turned out, he had salmonella. nothing can stop him!

kendall cafe: september 17th, 1997 cambridge, ma

happy birthday to eric, deb, christine and brian! we were psyched and honored to get to play with the special guests (pluto, laurie geltman, merrie amsterburg and jen trynin) that showed up to help all the people from the kendall celebrate. we played lucky and imaginary love affair.

casual cup: september 11th, 1997 brookline, ma

thanks to all who stayed out late to hear us play, and to those who clapped and sang with us. we played stickshifts and safetybelts (by cake) and imaginary love affair.

kendall cafe: september 3rd, 1997 cambridge, ma

what a memorable evening. jay's guitar sounded like crap...we need to get rid of that thing. we played mr. wrong (by cracker) and i don't know. as it turned out, it was the last gig with that guitar. it's a great songwriting guitar, but not so good through a PA. so it's still kicking around... just with a little lower profile.

cantab: august 25th, 1997 cambridge, ma

this was the first time we played in front of strangers as the band goh. we'd like to thank all the other performers there, as well as geoff, the host, for making us feel comfortable and welcome in their circle. the crowd burst into applause after the spoon solo in lucky, which pleasantly surprised us. we played sleepless, lucky, and imaginary love affair. we were only supposed to do 2 songs, but the crowd reaction was good enough (and our songs were short enough) to get an encore third song!

family gathering: august 24th, 1997 andover, ma

this was a family gathering to celebrate the engagement of kris and chris. we played the following songs sleepless, lucky, waiting room, he dances..., i will survive, imaginary love affair, hotel de california, i don't know, back to earth, wrong, stickshifts and safety belts, mr. wrong, and a reminder.

hopkinton jam 1997: july 19th, 1997 hopkinton, ma

other bands included bedhed, border guard, canister, the malachi crunch, al tucci, rob walker, wendy welsh, XIE and the all-star jam session.

thanks to all that showed up to watch, and all who played.

we did i don't know, mr. wrong (by cracker), a reminder, sleepless, ac/country/dc (lyrics by ac/dc), imaginary love affair, stickshifts and safetybelts (by cake), he dances..., wrong, waiting room (by fugazi), blue eyes crying in the rain (by willie nelson), hotel de california (by the eagles/gipsy kings), lucky, and back to earth (by rusted root).

upstairs at steven's: may 17th, 1997 arlington, ma

a memorable evening. we played a bunch of songs for a bunch of friends and had bunches of fun.