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wimp farm

goh "the CD is fun and definitely different from pretty much anything else out there at the moment"
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wimp farm

goh's third album "wimp farm" is features 15 never before recorded goh songs. some of these are your old favorites from goh shows gone by and others we haven't even figured out how to play yet.

download mp3's as a zip file.

wimp farm
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1. miscalculated - (mp3 / lyrics)
2. mannequin - (mp3 / lyrics)
3. rosie and ruby - (mp3 / lyrics)
4. wonderful world - (mp3 / lyrics)
5. valentine's day - (mp3 / lyrics)
6. metric song - (mp3 / lyrics)
7. a reminder - (mp3 / lyrics)
8. wimp farm - (mp3 / lyrics)
9. i don't know - (mp3 / lyrics)
10. who's to blame - (mp3 / lyrics)
11. sleepless - (mp3 / lyrics)
12. free will - (mp3 / lyrics)
13. imaginary love affair - (mp3 / lyrics)
14. road trip - (mp3 / lyrics)
15. killing me - (mp3 / lyrics)

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goh needs your help to become rich and famous rock stars. so we're taking an unprecedented step and releasing our albums as shareware, which you're welcome to share with friends. all the songs on our album are available for free download. however, if you like them and want to listen to them over and over, and you have the means, we ask that you make a donation. if you want or need to get a nice round disc with the same songs on it (it's actually a very pretty, professionally manufactured CD with artwork), please say so and we will send you one.