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how do you make a shaker?
there's a video that addresses that answer here:


what's up with the fishy car? it was an actual car driven around key west and boston by jay's brother steven. sadly, the sands of time have passed and it is no longer with us. but before it went, a hack saw turned it into art that lives with us today.


what is "rectangulo"? "rectangulo" was an ep we recorded in san francisco with alex on bass in 2001. we released a small number of copies to our friends. here it is.

what does goh mean? goh as pronounced means forward movement. it's actual meaning is a different kind of movement all together.

what other projects have you been involved in? chris and jay have been together in bands such as xie, canister, the rock options, the transcendental hayride, the mercy james band, the ethan daniel davidson band and backups for various guests at our gigs. they like to think they were responsible for bringing eric marcos and the normal noises out of retirement. chris currently plays in max g. and the spots and the mercy james gang. jay has a solo project called i eat trash. chris has played with deep water, marshal coltman, danielle miraglia, tom bianchi, shiner jones as well as with countless other performers.