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2006 blog

sunday, december 10th at haskell's hideaway - arlington, ma

the theresa premiere!

we made a movie, so we decided to show it off. we rolled out the red carpet, put on our best duds and invited all the cast and their significant others over. clocking in around 7 minutes we made sure to have lots of fun and snacks and watched it a few times. many, many thanks to all that were there and all that couldn't make it for helping us out. if you want to see it, here it is...


saturday, july 29th at hop jam - hopkinton, ma

since hop jam is an outdoor event and new englanders are required by law to talk about the weather, we'll talk about the weather. it was the most nerve-racking year before-hand. it seemed like the bad weather day was going to be saturday. at the last minute the weather people changed their minds and it was nice and hot and sunny. in the afternoon a thunderstorm came so dangerously close the house across the street got rained on, but not us. if it wasn't for the pool, hop jam never would have lasted this long. the kids don't want to leave, so the parents and others get to stick around (and they keep coming back the next year). this year's performance included basement, brian, the furs, goh, mercy james, plaid turtle, ruth, sand machine, shiner jones, the snakes, and whatever. as usual, it was a nice, diverse set of players. we even squeezed in a little all-star jamming in the midst of the day, rather to wait till the sun went down and the mosquitos came out.