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2008 blog

saturday, november 15th at the "movember mustache party" - arlington, ma

chris was growing a 'stash all month long to raise some money for charity, so we put together a little fundraising party. we had frank "mustache" germano on bass and mike stark on guitar with us. it wasn't really a goh set... more like playing a bunch of songs unamplified for people. there were a few goh numbers in there and we convinced mercy james to do a few tunes for us as well. special props goes out to whomever brought the m'n'm cookie pie... we pretty much ate that till we were on the verge of being sick. and then we ate a little more.

goh goh goh

saturday, july 12th at hop jam - hopkinton, ma

it seems like this year, the kids outnumbered the adults. also, the kids were old enough that they started making a severe dent in the "adult" food. we pretty much ran out of burgers and dogs, and we were on the verge of running out of beer... it'll be scary once the little ones try to dip into that. filling people up with food, beer (or juice boxes) and music is a sign of a good party. we'll have to throw another one of these things again next year.