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2007 blog

wednesday, november 7th at the burren - somerville, ma

it was tom's and jim's birthday celebration at the burren. they were playing 80's tunes that night in a band they named "men without work". we were merely stopping by to wish them well since chris had a mercy james gang gig at tt's later that night and they pulled us on stage to dust of any 80's tunes we knew. so we played prince and the fresh prince. about as 80's as we get... we're totally a product of that decade. we're bummed we couldn't stick around to see danielle play the drums.

sunday, october 7th at the burren - somerville, ma

the night before a holiday is always a good night at the burren. there are always a bunch of people there. columbus day was no exception. the crowd was fun and drinking. we've spent a good many pre-holiday nights out there drinking with them. now it was our turn to be up on stage. rock-star-style! the benefit of free beer for the band is such a beautiful thing. no, we didn't go crazy, drinking up a storm. and it's not like we saved loads of cash... it was just cool to be given our frosty malted beverages gratis. not complete decadence, but certainly a nice benefit that we enjoyed to it's fullest. danielle, tom and dana played first, goh second, and max g. and the spots brought things home for the evening. thanks to all of our friends that showed up and grabbed jay's camera while we were playing.

goh goh goh goh

saturday, july 21st at hop jam - hopkinton, ma

it was a rather casual hop jam for us. other than the emergency poison ivy removal, setup was a breeze. we had exactly the right amount of performers... there were plenty, but not so much that we had to hustle people off the stage. who played? goh, flop sweat featuring brian hagenbuch, jay and dana, max g and the spots, shiner jones, the mercy james gang, gomes, arthur snow, alex and chains, sand machine, the silly singers, tara white and the blackheads, and jonathan donaldson. this year we also got the clever idea of buying extra cookies just for chris, so that he could munch away without the guilt of depriving someone else of their fix. all of chris' cookies were gone by friday night. kristin and greg put together this cool thing where they made posters of years past. they didn't get all the years, but they were off to a good start.