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2012 blog

saturday, december 1st - decompression 2012 - boston, ma

we did a projection-style version of the real time art show for boston's 2012 decompression. we were taking/editing/posting the pictures live to the website and were projecting them on a wall as it was happening. the cold and the fact that we didn't have our projection big enough made things a little challenging. pretty much after getting it all going with about 25 pictures, we decided that our fingers would fall off editing, so we focussed on taking pictures and having fun. and we had lots of fun. we were going to regroup and do another round of editing, but there really wasn't an indoor spot to do so... plus we were hanging out with some old and new friends and it didn't really make any sense to stop doing that. and once frank got out on the dance floor, he pretty much never left. :) thanks to all the people that put the decompression together.. there was some great art, people and music. i should be getting used to this by now, but i'm always amazed at how open and nice the boston burner community is. it ended up a pretty special night for all of us. go here to see the pictures.

saturday, october 6th - granite rail - quincy, ma

saturday night with sand machine! how fun is that? and it was even our first time playing in quincy.. downtown was certainly more hopping than we expected. we had been toying with steve on bass and ken on guitar here and there and threaghtening to play a show. this was that show. we had practiced enough that we were together in that not-together sort of way. as always, it is great to listen to and see sand machine play.. still sounding great. our only regret was that we didn't stay till their very last song.. that's what happens when you have baby-sitters at home. :)

saturday, august 4th - hop jam - hopkinton, ma

our 21st hop jam. hard to believe we're still going after all these years. there were a little less performers than other years and a little more children, which made it both a little more casual and a little more crazy at the same time. it was a tricky year to pick a date and we went back and forth on a few days.. as it turned out, we got the right one because all our other dates had some rain. it was good to see mike stark and family.. we missed them the year before. and his father got to sit in with goh on trumpet.. imagine that? two trumpets. debbie, joel, owen and xoxo joined us for the first time all the way from california.. so awesome to have them there. hopefully, we'll convince them to come back another year. we'll see everybody again next year!

sunday, july 29th - boston, ma

day 2 of FIGMENT boston. the ground was a big, spongy mess and totally soaked all day. it was cloudy, but no rain at all, which was a relief. since the weather was iffy, we ended up printing the rest of the day 1 photos and never set up the printer for day 2. we simply took pictures and did editing on-site. so it was a little less "real time" than we wanted. our gallery was pretty much all of day 1. that didn't end up taking away from the experience. we still were able to hang out, enjoy FIGMENT and interact with everyone. It was fun to talk with people about their projects and our project. So many people seem to take pictures these days and it seemed like we spoke with all of them. :) click on the album below to see all the pictures we either printed, or would have printed if we had the printer setup. they've all been picked, cropped and edited in our 4x4 black and white format. stay tuned for a video, like we did last year, which will be more inclusive photo-wise. since we were acting quickly to curate our "show" in real time, it was impossible to include every person or photo. we did the best we could quickly do. thanks again for all that helped and to everyone who was there over the weekend. it was also super cool that os gêmeos (twin brazilian brothers otavio and gustavo pandolfo) were in dewey square, painting a giant mural for the ICA. a nice coincidence to have that mural going up while all of this was going on. FIGMENT is a great addition to boston and we're so psyched to have been a part of it again. who was our crew this year? greg harris, jay hagenbuch, e derek smith, chris harris, frank germano, and jenna marcus.


saturday, july 28th - boston, ma

day 1 of FIGMENT boston. so much fun! our spot this year was right in the middle of everything, next to the autosub dome. most of the morning was setting up and getting ready and getting into our "groove". we decided to do our editing/printing right there on site so that we were more around and present in the event and not holed up in chris' office, like last year. that was a much better decision because we got to hang out and made it like a camp. we were able to interact and talk with people more so than the previous year. some people loved to see the process as much as the photos that we printed. it was all going well till the rain came. it poured in sheets and pretty much rained out all of FIGMENT. the day time wrapped up quickly and they ended up canceling all the night stuff. that was a bummer because so many people put in so much effort and by the time things really got going, we all had to duck for cover. none of our stuff got wet or damaged, but a few of us got soaked walking back. ah well. we had a nice pizza party afterwards to swap stories and dry off.

saturday, april 28th - boston, ma

FIGMENT boston had a fundraiser at the machine nightclub in boston. we did a little real time art there.. taking some pictures and working with jeff to have them projected on the screen while everyone danced. a few people seemed to notice that we had images of themselves and the dj while it was still going on. pretty cool. the lighting was dark, so it made it a bit of a pain to take pictures, but we worked it out. click on the image below to see some of the pictures.


thursday, february 23rd - arlington, ma

we mixed down our recording of "it's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll)" by ac/dc for our ac/country/dc album. you can download it here: "long way".

wednesday, january 25th - arlington, ma

we finished recording and mixed down our version of "up and down" for the kids record. download it and enjoy!