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2017 blog

thursday, november 30th - arlington, ma

a final listening party for the new album, "ready to go". that said, with mixing, there's never a final listen, right? we have 3 songs to tweak and we're done. yay! it will be nice to put this album behind us and get it out into the world. look out world! :)

saturday, november 25th - arlington, ma

we got to hang out for the evening with DJ to work on the soundtrack for "the man who couldn't tie his shoe". we listened to the parts and recorded a band version for the end credits. totally looking forward to finishing this project and releasing it to the world.

saturday and sunday, july 22nd and 23rd - figment boston - boston, ma

yay figment! this year they moved us to dewey square. it was nice to be in a new location this time around. we had our whole original crew too since derek was able to come down from maine and join us. as always, we are thrilled to take part in this and love all the folks involved. it's probably the friendliest weekend we ever have in boston. here are this year's photos.


saturday, april 22nd - figment fundraiser party - somerville, ma

we were unable to get enough of us there to do a full-on real time art show. instead, jay went and simply took some pictures. there was a ventriloquist, live painting to music, and of course hula-hooping. it was fun to try and play around with different shutter speeds to attempt to capture the hoopers. very difficult to photograph. as always, the people there are always great to see and hang out with. looking forward to the main event in july.


sunday, april 16th - midnight marathon ride - hopkinton-boston, ma

this was our 2nd time biking the midnight marathon ride together (chris did it once before with kristin). it was the best possible weather we could have hoped for.. simply gorgeous. we biked to central square and met up with meng, evan and james, the across the mass ave bridge to the race course. we biked it backwards, then stopped at the start, turned around and biked it normally. so fun. we even brought a boom box to listen to tunes along the way (if only it went a smidge louder). normally, we seem to be the only ones biking late at night... it was nice to be joined by a thousand others.

thursday, february 23rd - figment at the fuller - brockton, ma

chris and greg did the real time art show without jay this time around. the pictures were wonderful... check them out!