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2018 blog

saturday, november 3rd - providence, ri

we took our real time art show to the boston/providence decom down at the steel yard in providence. the theme was robot pirates. jay made an 8 bit jolly roger t shirt and chris made a robot head with a pirate flag on it. fun to dress up for it. it was a bit windy and cold so we really bundled up and appreciated that they had fire and fire art there that night. it's a challenge taking pictures in such a variable and low light situation. as always, the folks there run a great party and everyone is always so open and friendly. here are the shots from the night.


monday, august 6th - arlington, ma

and the new album is live. you can find it on spotify, itunes, apple music, google play, etc. we're not too sure how long it takes till we top the charts? we've heard that not all records rocket up the charts instantly.. in fact some never make it. you can also listen to it right here on this very website. enjoy!

ready to go

wednesday, august 1st - arlington, ma

yay! we submitted the album for distribution. then we had a glass of tequila and talked a bit about what we're recording next. it's kind of fun to switch modes from getting this past thing done to looking ahead and being creative again. many thanks to all the folks who joined us on this album and helped us along. the credits are on the lyrics page. special shout out to debbie who helped us take the artwork from hack to pro!

sunday, july 29th - figment - boston, ma

figment day 2. and that's a wrap. here are all the photos from both days.


saturday, july 28th - figment - boston, ma

figment day 1. it was hot and exhausing, but we fought the heat and kept taking pictures. we especially enjoyed jason's gift shop, we screen printed some t shirts to take home and wear around town. many thanks to all the volunteers and artists that make this happen. we love you and are more than happy to be your official photographers. at this point, i guess we're official photographers. as we were leaving to get dinner, somebody sprayed me with a spray bottle... where were you all day prior!

saturday, june 9th - arlington, ma

porchfest 2018! after taking a year off (since we weren't around) it was nice to be back at porchfest. a big thanks to ryan for hosting again. the weather was perfect for it. so nice to see some of our local arlington friends around.. we are so happy to support this type of thing. personally, we think this should happen more than once a year... why not, right? thanks to verona downs and spearmint sea for sharing the porch with us. next year, perhaps we'll bring bubbles and shakers too!

monday, march 26th - arlington, ma

yay! our kids album is live... we hope all of you and the whole internet enjoys it. we can sit back and let the world listen. we also sat back and had some whiskey while we worked on some mastering issues with the other goh album. soon we'll get that other one done. 2018 is shaping up to be a productive year as we finish off all of our lingering projects. big thanks to frank germano who did the artwork for the kids record!


monday, march 19th - arlington, ma

sweet! we submitted our kids album to the internet! now we sit back and wait for it to get released to the masses. the kids album is called... kids. hopefully all the kids enjoy it.

sunday, february 25th - arlington, ma

mastering night number two! just a few tweaks here... we even had to re-mix a couple of tracks that had some issues that became obvious after a few listens. umm... does this mean we're done both albums? wow! it's good to be done.

saturday, february 17th - arlington, ma

mastering night number one! we worked on both the kids and the new goh albums. we cracked open some scotch and dove in for an epic night with the goal of finishing both albums. so we cranked. thankfully it didn't end up being the all-nighter we had feared. we got into the groove and cranked them out. it didn't snow too much so jay didn't end up getting stranded at chris' house. now we listen to them for a bit, make notes and tweak. it will be so great to have these things done so we can work on new tunes. this is what happens when we take so long to get things done. 24 new goh songs are coming soon!

saturday, january 6th - arlington, ma

we did our first runthrough of the entire kids album. we made some mixing and recording notes and now we have our final to do list for that album. yay! now we just need to get that stuff done and we'll be ready to master both of our albums. we are getting close around here.

monday, january 1st - arlington, ma

happy new year everybody! we are looking forward to releasing some stuff early this year. a new album and a new short film. stay tuned!