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2019 blog

friday, december 27th - arlington, ma

we worked on the finishing touches in the studio for "friends", adding a bunch of vocals and percussion. we also added some block hits in "speck". those 2 songs might be done other than mixing... yay!

friday, december 13th - arlington, ma

a lucky friday the 13th! both of us freed up some rare morning time and worked on getting the basics down for 2 new tunes. we got scratch tracks and the drums for "ticky" and "speck". it was a pretty productive morning. it looks like we might get a few more songs recorded before the end of the year. that's good because we were hoping to crank out an EP's worth of songs. not that we're actually going to make an EP.

sunday, september 22nd - video shoot - arlington, ma

we have been scheming to make our "ready to go" clown video for about a year now. finally we coordinated with our friend jason to make the video. a fun afternoon in jason's basement and then in skyline park. here's the video for your viewing pleasure.

saturday, september 21st - kelwyn manor - arlington, ma

kelwyn manor in arlington was celebrating their 75th anniversary with a party and a show. goh kicked it all off with a set for everyone. it was super fun. later we joined DJ and crew for a covers set... we were "the kelwyn mannerisms". the kids were dancing with gusto into the evening. thanks to all for having us there!

saturday, august 17th - hop jam - yarmouth, ma

we re-kindled hop jam! this time in yarmouth. cape jam? it was small and mostly just our immediate families and friends, but it was really great to start it up again. it still had the same hop jam vibe of years past. it was a little bit of a family style open mic. highlights included sammy's original song, there's no such letter as q, and herb singing hallelujah in the living room after the amps went away.

sunday, july 27-28th - figment - boston, ma

another year, another figment. we always have so much fun essentially camping out on the greenway and taking everybody's picture. this year it was derek, chris and jay holding down the fort. lots of fun and lots of great pictures. check them out here.


saturday, july 27th - ready to go album release - boston, ma

we struggled to figure out a proper way to release our album in this digital age... then a few stars aligned. jason made a free cassette vending machine, so we decided to make a single copy (1/1) and release it to the world via the mixtape vending machine to some random stranger at figment. happy release day! by the way, making and playing cassettes is fun! and now we turned that album into a bit of performance art. we have no idea who has this copy.

goh goh goh goh

saturday, june 15th - arlington, ma

we went back to work with DJ and cranked out the lead vocals for "backwards". progress! also we recorded jay on the gibson, a very un-jay-like guitar. it's good to step out of one's comfort zone for sure. it's coming along nicely.

saturday, june 8th - arlington, ma

we got to do a little studio work with DJ. we worked on the tune "backwards". we played it through a few times and got the basic tracks for the drums and bass. we then added jay's main, and some strumming acoustic. so much fun and we got tons done for an evening. looking forward to working more on it.

saturday, june 8th - porchfest - arlington, ma

a new porch for us this time around but still with spearmint sea and verona downs. it was a gorgeous day and we had a grand old time porchfesting around town.