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2016 blog

sunday, july 31st - the greenway - boston, ma

we finished up day 2 of figment boston. per usual, it's a little slower on sunday, especially because of the early rain. but it all eventually got going. being a little slower and already having tons of pictures we got to hang out more and socialize with everyone. our complete set of pictures from the weekend are here.


saturday, july 30th - the greenway - boston, ma

another great first day of figment! so wonderful seeing some of old friends and meeting some new ones. everybody is so friendy and supportive of each other. we were psyched to have derek and his growing family drive down from maine to join us.. it's been a while since we were all there snapping pictures. our families joined us in the afternoon as well. we roamed and took pictures all day and into the night. happy to be part of the figment family. thanks figment!

saturday, june 11th - arlington, ma

porchfest! it was the first ever arlington porchfest. we can't let somerville be the only cool kid around. other than a little rain, it was a grand success. it's always so great to be able to walk around town and meet and chat with your neighbors. big thanks to greg and ryan of verona downs who hosted us on the porch. we were so psyched to play... it was a little like hop jam and it was so good to play in front of people again. perhaps we've spent too much time recenly as a studio band? we are super excited for this to be an on-going thing... from the feedback from everybody it sounds like it will be. yay arlington!


wednesday, may 11th - somerville, ma

figment puts together a party with a film noir theme... how could we not go? we take retro-style black and white photos after all. we had a botched attempt to make "noir" lighting to look like light coming through blinds seen in just about every noir film.. lighting is hard and it just didn't look right. regardless, it all still looked pretty noir. amazingly, it seemed like almost every single person dressed appropriately.


monday, april 25th - arlington, ma

chipping away, chipping away and chipping away... we're getting there with the album. in honor of the recently fallen prince, we recorded our version of "little red corvette". we had to get that our of our system before proceeding with the album. then we got the basic tracks for "lost" done as well... 2 songs in one night! at least the base parts of the songs. jay will record the guitar and vocals better from home. at this point, we're pretty close to be basically done with the album. from here on out we only have to record small parts and mix and tweak. yay, album!

monday, april 11th - arlington, ma

productive night. we had mike over for a little bass and he finished off "falling apart". that went so well, we had time to record the bass and drums for "walk away"... that was one of those tunes we basically finished, got to the end of it and realized it was time to start over. sometimes tunes work out that way.

tuesday, february 16th - arlington, ma

more chipping away at this album. this evening, we got the basic tracks for the last song (sequentially), "oops, i forgot". and it was the first time in a while we tracked everything live and recorded it all at once. this album has been taking much too long and we're happy to be nearing the release of this thing. :)