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2014 blog

saturday, july 26th - the greenway - boston, ma

another figment. this time around we had mo and sammy helping out with the photography. super cool to involve the kids. we're getting to be a tradition around here. it seems each year, we know more and more people. as always, the folks that make this all happen are fun and awesome. it's wonderful to be able to be part of this and to help bring such a great event to our home city. no need to travel all the way to burning man for random, interactive and awesome stuff! sadly, sunday ended up getting rained out. below are the pictures from the weekend.


sunday, april 20th - midnight marathon ride - hopkinton -> boston, ma

in the spirit of paul revere and the marathon, we joined a ton of others and did the midnight marathon ride. not a single biker yelled "the british are coming!", though i was certainly tempted. we started out in natick... and a big thanks to dana for driving us out there so we didn't have to start from home. we biked to the marathon start, then down to the commuter rail station, where the huge crowd of well-lit bikers were starting from this year. we were cold, we were hot, and jay was prepared for 20 miles, but not the 50 that we ended up biking. the highlight, of course, was getting pizza in central square at 2:30 in the morning... it was greasy and really hit the spot. you can see our photos by clicking on the picture below.