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2015 blog

saturday, november 7th - boston decompression - boston, ma

we pulled off another evening real time art show at this year's boston decompression. since we missed figment this year, we were so glad this one worked out for us. hats off to the folks who put this all together.. they do a wonderful job. in addition to pulling off the event for the night, it's really these folks who keep this community so vibrant and alive. and everyone is just so nice along the way. we are very much happy to be the "unofficial" photographers for as many things as we can pull off in the boston burner and figment community. it's one of those win-win situations for us all. already looking forward to next year. here are the pictures we took and printed.


thursday, march 5th - charles river museum of industry and innovation - waltham, ma

figment threw a fundraiser disguised as a masquerade ball. we were planning on attending all along but at the last minute, we decided to put together our real time art show. it was a little challenging in the low light but in the end, it worked out great. the high ISO of these modern cameras really make a big difference for something like this. everyone dressed up and had a grand old time.. and we have the pictures to prove it!